Unlock the full potential of your White Toner Printer!

Are you feeling that your White Toner System could do a better job?
Whether you are looking for more intense colors, a softer hand, improved wash fastness or simply want to save money on your prints, the TransferRIP is the product for you.

TransferRIP is more than just rasterization – and this video will help you understand this essential software.
Learn what’s important about the White Channel Control or how to create stunning Rasterization Effects that help to achieve a Super-Soft Hand.

Throughout the video, you will be provided with advanced knowledge that can also help you to save up to 60% on your toner costs.
Check out our comprehensive video to truly harness the power of your TransferRIP software.

Setup & Overview:
Learn How to Install, Setup, Register & Update the TransferRIP as well as a quick Step-by-Step Runthrough.

Job Management:
Learn How to Import Images & Color Profiles, Search and Combine Images to create new layouts with the Layout function.

Cost Calculation:
How to Create, Import, Export, Save Calculations, How to Calculate an image and Create PDF Calculation Reports.

Color Management:
Learn how to Remove & Replace Colors, Edit Image Colors, Preview Substrate Colors, Save Settings for future use and how to use ICC Color Profiles.

White Toner Controls:
How to Control the White Toner Amount, the White Toner Thickness, Removing White Outlines and Printing Transparencies. Save up to 35% White Toner.

Learn how best to use the Dark, Light and Micro-Mask Rasters to increase the Washability, Durability and the Softness of your designs. You can Save up to 25% additional toner costs.

Additional Features

  • Cost Calculator
  • White Toner Controls
  • Underfilling
  • Color Controls
  • Replace Colors
  • Remove Colors
  • Background Preview
  • Transparency
  • Layout Function

More Features

  • FREE 14-Day Demo
  • FREE 6 Month Update Plan (First Purchase ONLY)
  • FREE Color Profiles Updates
  • 12 Month Update Plans
  • Multiple Computer use with USB Dongle
  • Customer Support: Online FAQs, Forum, Videos, Tutorials, Remote Access Support, Email, Phone
  • Custom ICC Profiles Use