Break the limits of your printer!

Turning small A4/Letter and A3/Tabloid printers into
large format printers

IC Split is the software to produce large format prints in DIN A2/Tabloid „Extra Plus“ or special widths and lengths with small A4/Letter or A3/Tabloid printers.

The solution makes it possible to overcome the built-in size limits and allows you to print tremendously bigger images like A3/11×17” or even A3XL/13×19” – whatever size you want, with the printer you already have.

The self-explanatory software simply divides the print image into two,
three or more parts depending on the desired final format.

Thanks to transparent media provided by FOREVER you can reassemble the individual sheets onto the shirt w
ith ease and create stunning large format prints.

This is how it works

With just a few clicks, IC Split generates a dividing line in the image that automatically and abstractly places itself in the edges of the area to
be divided. The resulting line shape is invisible after transferring the print to the textile. The lines are not visible with the naked eye.

The IC Split software recognizes individual colors in the image and automatically creates the cutting pattern for bright surfaces in white and light, for dark surfaces in black and dark areas. The result is an interleaved cutting path, which will be invisible on the textile. The printed image appears as a whole.

System requirements

Windows/Mac based PC
• Intel© Core ™ i5 processor
• 2.5 GHz processor clocking
• 3.5 GB RAM
• 2 GB of storage space
• Free USB slot

Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10/
Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

IC Split is available as a stand-alone
software solution or integrated in the
Transfer RIP.